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Teach With Education Through Music-Massachusetts

Interested in teaching with us? Apply to an open position today.

What We Offer Music Teachers

Attracting and retaining the very best teachers is core to our mission of providing high-quality music education at our partner schools. Education Through Music-Massachusetts is developing the talent of its teachers through programs and resources that deepen their knowledge and enhance their skills. ETM-MA offers programs that support teachers’ professional development ensuring their long-term success.

Optimal Placement

Placement in K-12 Massachusetts schools in need of quality music education.

Professional Development

Ongoing professional development, support and mentorship throughout the school year.

Start Immediately

Teach while securing MA certification (applying for and transferring from another state).

Our Music Teacher Hiring Process

Do you want to make a difference in education? Take the first step and tell us more about yourself. Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a screening call and interview. Finalists will give a teaching demonstration.

Step 1

Apply online to one of our open positions in BPS we are supporting.

Step 2

Should you qualify, we’ll schedule an individual interview.

Still have questions?

Why should I work for ETM-MA rather than pursuing a position with the school district?

In many cases, ETM-MA is creating music teaching positions by partnering with schools that are without music programming. ETM-MA teachers get to make a difference in students’ music education by envisioning and implementing a new music program, and they are supported with numerous professional development opportunities and ongoing coaching from their Instructional Supervisor. The ETM music teacher is treated as an integral part of the school community, and the ultimate goal is for the teacher to be hired to school faculty.

How do I apply to be an ETM music teacher?

Email us directly at

Could this be a career?

Our long-term goal is to build sustainability in each of our partnerships and work towards getting ETM-MA teachers hired directly by the principals of the schools they are placed in.

How much should my kids know at the end of the semester?

This depends on how much previous music instruction the students have received. ETM-MA has created benchmarks of skills to be attained for each grade.

How am I evaluated?

Each ETM-MA Music Teacher receives informal observations from the program staff at least once a month. Formal observations are conducted twice a year. Observations focus on lesson planning, pacing, classroom management, student interaction, integration, etc.

About how much preparation is necessary to teach each week?

While this varies depending on background and training, it is not atypical, especially for beginning teachers, to spend an hour or more preparing each lesson plan, with a plan being required for each grade level. Thorough planning is critical to success in the classroom. Homework, worksheet, quizzes, projects and other assignments also take time to assess and record.

Is my schedule flexible so I can audition and tour?

ETM-MA is willing to accommodate a limited amount of absence due to touring, recording sessions or auditions if they do not amount to more than two weeks per school year. If such interruptions exceed these two weeks or become too frequent, then instructional consistency will suffer and continuing as an ETM-MA Music Teacher may not be feasible. However, a principal’s recommendation of the Music Teacher’s value to the school and that principal’s willingness to accommodate the necessary rescheduling on the Music Teacher’s behalf may offer a suitable solution in some cases if program quality is not compromised.

Can I collect unemployment during the summer?

If it is anticipated that a teacher will be returning to a position in September, then unemployment benefits are not available during the summer. If, however, a music teacher will not be returning to teach in September due to termination, then unemployment eligibility will be determined by the state.

Is there summer work available?

ETM-MA’s in-school programs cease during July and August and in general, there is no work available for Music Teacher during that time. However, there are limited employment opportunities as workshop presenters at our summer trainings for some of the more seasoned and experienced Music Teachers.

Who do I report to?

ETM-MA Music Teachers report to the Instructional Supervisor and Executive Director.

What materials does ETM provide for students and music teachers?

ETM-MA provides an assortment of general music classroom instruments such as hand percussion, recorders, xylophones, etc., for use in our partner schools. We provide music teachers with teaching resources such as curriculum materials, a lesson planner, markers, giant staff paper, instrument posters, music history timelines and other visual music learning aids and decorations.

Will I receive any training and professional development?

Yes. ETM-MA provides ongoing training and professional development to ETM-MA Music Teachers and to school-employed music teachers.

Throughout the school year, we provide day-long and evening workshops in both small and large group settings to reinforce training and introduce other topics. For example, workshops have covered choral conducting techniques, body percussion, and incorporating the use of Orff instruments. ETM-MA pays training stipends for all sessions.

We also provide ongoing mentoring and coaching throughout the year.

What benefits does ETM provide for Music Teachers?

ETM-MA Music Teachers who maintain a regular teaching schedule of four or more days per week are eligible to enroll in an employee-contributed health insurance plan. Each Music Teacher also receives a number of paid sick days pro-rated based on their regular teaching schedule.

How much do I get paid?

Because ETM-MA can offer substantial and sustained employment throughout the school year, it can also offer a dependable and consistent level of income. Our teachers get paid a bi-monthly salary, depending on teaching experience and educational qualifications. Merit raises are considered once a year, typically during the summer months.

Would I be an employee of ETM-MA?

ETM-MA Music Teachers are employees of ETM-MA, not consultants. Taxes, social security, etc., are withheld as directed by law.

Over time, we work with our partner school principals to help them find room in their budgets to hire music teachers to school staff, so our long-term goal is for our teachers to get hired directly by our partner schools.

If you are hired by one of our partner schools we will continue to provide you with support and training, at the discretion of the principal.

What is ETM?

Founded in New York City in 1991, Education Through Music (ETM) is one of the country’s leading music education nonprofit organizations. ETM provides music as a core subject for all children and have been able to provide quality music education into the core curriculum for thousands of K-8 students and help school systems to maintain those programs independently. Thanks to continuous growth and proven academic success for their students over nearly three decades, ETM has been able to launch affiliates in Massachusetts, Colorado, and Los Angeles.

Where do your teachers teach?

Our music teachers are assigned to a partner school based on compatibility, where they teach in their own classrooms. During the interview, we can offer more information about the school.

Is this a full time job?

We have openings for part-time and full-time positions.

What is expected of me?

In addition to teaching a rigorous music curriculum to students, the music teacher directs two performance opportunities for every student. Music teachers are also expected to participate in school-based roles such as meetings, trainings, events, and supervision duties. 

Do you hire non-licensed teachers?

Yes! We believe in providing access to music teaching for promising candidates who are interested in a career of music education and who demonstrate musical proficiency and transferable skills. ETM-MA expects non-licensed teachers to pursue alternative licensure in their second year of employment, and we support our teachers in that process. 

Questions? Contact us at

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