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Let's Make Great Music Together

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Our Promise

To bring music programs to all schools in MA

To create union jobs for music teachers

To strengthen existing music programs

To connect with and support our communities



Education Through Music-Massachusetts (ETM-MA) partners with under-resourced schools to provide music as a core subject for all children, and utilizes music education as a catalyst to improve academic achievement, motivation for school, and self-confidence. We build new music programs for schools who need us most, strengthen music programs that exist, and support all programs we work with to become sustainable and long lasting in their school community. We are committed to keeping music alive in all MA schools, starting in Boston.

We Build New Music Programs For Schools

Check out our partner school promotional video about creating new music programs for schools in Boston

Our Message of Solidarity

Education Through Music joins a chorus of voices around the world in mourning the tragic loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other Black lives at the hands of systemic racism and violence. We stand with and acknowledge the pain of the Black and Brown students, families, principals, music teachers, staff and leadership team members, and stakeholders in our community. We care about their safety and their right to live free from injustice. We believe Black lives matter.

While we bear witness to the events unfolding across the country, we are reminded of the urgency of our work.

As a music education organization serving the Black and Brown children in the city of Boston, we know that education has a vital part to play in the pursuit of social justice.  Education is a civil rights issue at its very core. ETM exists because systemic racism has created inequities in access to education, and our mission was built around identifying and combating these inequities. We recognize the gaps in access faced by our partner school students are the result of generations of institutional oppression and discrimination.

ETM invests in under-resourced schools and supports local communities. We believe that providing equity and access for all students is the key to long-term, sustainable change. We recognize the important role that music has in the fight against fear and the search for understanding.

ETM does not make this statement lightly or without a tangible plan to back it up. We are proud of the work our staff has done in multiple cities over the past 29 years, but we know we must do more. Much more. We must listen, learn, and act. Silence is not an option, nor is maintaining the status quo.

With this in mind, ETM-Massachusetts is committed to:

  • Developing board member leadership and a staff that are reflective of the communities we serve.
  • Examining our internal diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and practices and finding ways to bring greater accountability and transparency to our work.
  • Engaging in open dialogue with our partner schools to better understand and align ourselves with their needs.
  • Using music to advance equity for marginalized and vulnerable students; bringing a social justice lens and a culturally responsive approach to classroom activities.
  • Training music educators and staff to support the lived experiences of students in Black and Brown communities.
  • Joining our peer organizations in advocating for systemic change and greater investment in education.

In the weeks, months, and years to come, ETM-Massachusetts will remain committed to our mission. With so many of the challenges faced by schools in the city of Boston amplified by the global pandemic—which has disproportionately impacted Black communities—we know there is much to be done. We are proud to work alongside so many passionate supporters, partners, artists, and leaders to build a more equitable world through music.

How Can You Help?

Join us to improve the education landscape and provide music education to all students.

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