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Adam Calus

Adam Calus is a professional musician and educator devoted to making people’s lives better through the art of music. Adam believes “music has the special ability to make us happier, more confident, inspired, and oftentimes the best version of ourselves. Through well planned and proper education, interesting/engaging enrichment, and other activities, I aim to help people have these types of experiences through music.” For 10 years, Adam have been a music educator in a number of different contexts. He has worked as a private teacher in founding his own music lessons business, Make Music Anywhere, he has taught for colleges like Berklee College of Music, and most recently taught at the music program he revived at Charlestown High School (CHS), a Boston Public School. In five years at CHS, he was been able to fundraise over $300,000 for the school to get everything the students of CHS need to have an amazing music program. Adam is a provisionally certified educator for K-12 music in the state of MA. He has also been honored with the Berklee Urban Service Award for “enriching the education and artistic development of young musicians.” Adam has also been recognized by his state senator for his revival and support of Boston Music Education programming.