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1.  What is Education Through Music-Colorado?
Education Through Music-Colorado is a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of music in under-resourced schools and schools in disadvantaged areas, as a means of enhancing students’ academic performance and general development.  By providing year-long, in-school music education programs, ETM-Colorado will make music a reality for many children who would otherwise have limited or no exposure to the arts.

2.  Where are your programs located?
ETM was founded in NYC and has one other affiliate in Los Angeles.  ETM-Colorado is very excited to join the ETM community as the second affiliate.

3.  What impact does your program have on students?
ETM programs improve students’ academic achievement, self-confidence, and motivation for school. Ongoing assessment of our programs has found that students receiving ETM’s program perform better academically than students in schools with similar demographics that do not receive ETM’s program. Students’ participation in ETM music class and school performances contributes to their creativity as well as to social and emotional capacities. Students from ETM partner schools have also earned higher scores on Math and English Language Arts assessment. We anticipate similar success in Colorado.

4.  What makes ETM different from other music education programs?
ETM Colorado provides under-resourced schools with a music educator to serve every child every week throughout the school year. ETM Colorado’s programs include a comprehensive, sequential music curriculum. We teach music as a core subject, and it is used to support learning in all areas. We work to transition our music teachers from our payroll onto the school’s to create a long-term, sustainable program. ETM Colorado advocates to all the school’s stakeholders including parents and teachers.