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Kerveen Saint-Phard

“I am a first-generation born in the U.S. of Haitian descent. Growing up in a musical family, I’ve always had music and a blend of cultures in my household and my surroundings. I started writing lyrics and poetry at the age of 8, and took it more seriously as a teenager, recording myself for the first time. Throughout my life, I’ve had many transformative moments that impacted me personally, that I used my muses as a creative outlet for, with the main one being Hip-Hop. Many years later as a lyricist, I’ve seen my world transform through my successes, the trials I’ve overcome, and the people I’ve been fortunate to connect to and build with as extended family and friends in my community. I am a creator, a spiritualist, a traveler, a budding vegan chef, and a knowledge seeker. All of these aspects of self are reflected in the music I share with the world.

When I was young, I had visions of teaching and sharing the essence of what I personally feel is and can be the intersection of community building through the outlet of making music, and that is knowledge of self. I am excited to impart my wisdom on being free to connect with what makes you, you, and having that as the backbone of what you create. I believe that having a strong voice in that regard can be applied to other aspects of life, with Peace, Unity, Love, & Having Fun— and most importantly connecting with what those principles mean to self in spite of life’s obstacles. I’m excited to impart the building blocks into my students that can be expanded on as they grow, as they see fit.”