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Helen Leung

Helen Leung is a current junior studying Music Education and Sociology at Boston University. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Helen has further developed her passion for teaching modern band and choir during her education in Boston.

Aiming to provide equitable access to music education for the Boston student population, Helen has taught with several local organizations, including Boston Children’s Chorus, BU Music Engagement Club and Boston After-School Music. Through appreciating students’ various identities, Helen seeks to create an inclusive and culturally responsive classroom environment, with an emphasis in empowering students in advocating for social justice. Besides classroom teaching in the future, she is passionate to study the disparities in music education through a sociological lens, and to advocate for students through bettering the education policy.

As a Boston Public Schools (BPS) graduate and now through my teaching at multiple BPS schools, I have learned about the differential gap in the access to music education between BPS and other suburban schools. I hope to work with ETMMA to help nurture more music educators and musicians from the BPS system, to build and solidify music programs as an essential tradition in BPS schools.